Inspirational Quotes for International Womens Day. (Graphics)

Inspirational Quotes for International Womens Day. (Graphics)

Sunday 8th of March is international women's day, and this year we thought we create nine awesome and feisty women quote to fire you up and for you to share with others. 

I love to see women challenge the stereotypes and status quo around women. Badass women who challenge the traditional expectations of women such as Khadijah [RA] the strong, feisty woman who controlled men and women alike and built a business empire; Khawla bint Al Azhar, the badass warrior who fought like Khalid bin Walid, a nurse, a poet and an artist per excellence. Naima Robert, the lady of our time who shows that this day and age, you can soar and break prejudice and bias even in the burqa. 

Women, even in the early traditions, were not merely foolish girls or patient mothers. They fought battles and had whole verses dedicated to them. 

Of all the nine quotes we chose for this year, the one I like the most is the Laura Thatcher Ulrich quote. This is because yours truly if Khawla bint Walid decided to be "well behaved" to face her nursing duties and not join the ranks of the warriors, and even after joining, didn't charge forward to lead the army she won't make history. 

Did I ever mention I love bossy women? Oh yes, reason Amy Poehler's quote is so right on point. I am a boss myself, so would you love to be around me? Meanwhile, we have tried to mix old quotes from the past generations with new quotes from this present generation and probably share one or two you may have never heard before. 

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