Trailblazing women - Tolulope Arotile

Today's trailblazing woman is the Late Tolulope Arotile, the First female combat helicopter pilot in the Nigeria Airforce. She was born on the 13th of December 1995 to the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Arotile and hailed from Kogi state. This trailblazing woman was barely 24 years when she was winged as the first female combat helicopter pilot. Arotile held a commercial pilot license and underwent tactical flying training on the Agusta 109 Power attack helicopter in Italy. This woman had made a significant and outstanding contribution to the war against terrorism in Nigerian, arm banditry, and other criminality forms, flying several combat missions. 

Although this woman lived a very short life, it was very purposeful. She knew what she wanted and went straight for it. She opened the doors to other females to join the flying officers rank in Nigeria Air forces and become combat helicopter pilots themselves. 

Arotile will be remembered for a very long time in the History of Nigeria.

What for, do you want to be remembered?

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