Trailblazing women - Kafayat Sanni

Again we bring you another trailblazing woman of our century, Kafayat Sanni, Nigerian first Female Fighter Jet Pilot. Isn't it surprising that in the 55-year-old history of the Nigerian Air Force, a female is just getting to be a fighter jet pilot? This goes to show that there are still a lot of places and things women haven't explored. 

Born in 1997, Kafayat became the first female fighter pilot from the Nigerian air force to graduate from the Aviation Leadership Program. After emerging as the overall best pilot at the NAF 401 Flying Training School, Kaduna State, in 2017, she was sent to the United States of America to train at the US Aviation Leadership Programme. Kafayat was winged on October 15, 2019.

I agree with Kafayat as she stated that "It is a privilege for me to be winged as the first female fighter pilot in the Nigerian Air Force." I also say that while it is a privilege, she did work for it (Pilot training is a very stressful and strenuous course). She deserved the honor by exploring and pushing to feature in a male-dominated space, where other women dream - she dared. 

I believe I could achieve it, and I did," she said.

Again Kafayat Sanni has etched her name in history by becoming Nigeria's First Female Fighter Pilot; again, I ask for what do you want to be remembered?

What are you, trailblazing?

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