Trailblazing women - Aminat Adegoke

I continue this week with another trailblazing woman changing the narratives on the Muslimah landscape. Today we bring you someone of our generation in our time, Aminat Adegoke. She isn't the first woman to make shoes for both men and women; however, she is the first fully covered face veiled Muslimah woman I know who makes shoes for men and women in Nigeria.  

This young, lively, gorgeous woman, despite all stereotypes and prejudice against women of her kind, learned the skill of making leather shoes and makes them by herself with her bare hands for sale for the general public. Making one of the best types of income - the one earned by working with your hands. 

Again just like our last trailblazing woman Fatima Al Fihri, Aminat Adegoke has a beautiful support system this time in the person of her husband.  Seeing her shoes on display, I fell in love with her beautiful craftsmanship. I really will try to get some of her collections for myself and my family. 

Just like she advised when interviewed (You can watch the full interview on BBC below), what passion do you have as a woman? What would you love to do? What would you like to learn? Ignore all naysayers, close your eyes to prejudice, discover and pursue your dream with all the resources available to you and soar. 

No one celebrates a mediocre. Not even you. Nothing is stopping you, but YOU!

NB: Did you know I learned the skill of shoe and bag making myself lol. However, I never took it to the next level. I learned it because I loved it and wanted to add it to my skill set. Me and craftsmanship...

Remember to comment (let's know what skill set you would like to learn or have learned, what part of her story inspired you and what steps you may take next to building a legacy). Remember also to share you never know who you are inspiring by sharing to. Besides, there is love in sharing. 

If you understand the Yoruba Language and want to watch the full interview, she gave on BBC, Click here!

Reach her if you want, at No 322 road, A close, block 3 flat 12. Festac Town. Lagos. Instagram@am_footing, Facebook@a-m-footing

To order for shoes on phone call 08021124449



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