Monday Motivation: Do something that scares you this week

Sharing this alone is giving me some jitters. 

I read the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Do one thing every day that scares you," and for a while now, I have been doing that, and seriously my productivity as soared. No more unnecessary procrastination for me (I can procrastinate for Africa) and literarily no more excuses. 

I am rounding up reading the book "The power of self-discipline (no excuses)" by Brain Tracy (My second time read), and there are fantastic nuggets in it - you want to read it too if you haven't done that before. One of the chapters is on Self-Discipline and courage, and while I am a very courageous person, I still have many fears. One of which is the fear of heights. I sincerely doubt if I can go skydiving, but skydiving is another issue entirely. This week I plan to do something that scares the sh** out of me! "Leave my phone at home for a whole day..." 

Typing it even is sending shivers down my spin but hey, am 'gonna' do it because do you know what happens when you do something that scares you regularly? You become bolder, braver, and more successful.

Doing scary things makes you grow. That "face your fears" cliche is to help you grow. "A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it's built for - Albert Einstein.  Staying in your comfort zone will not move you to the top twenty percent in the world. You will need to leave that comfort zone of yours and do what you are built for - to soar. The only way to do that is to face your fears. Start that business this week, write that letter this week, apply for that scholarship this week, ask for that loan this week, unfollow people on social media that do not positively serve your life this week, etc. Whatever, just do at least one thing that scares the sh** out of you this week but gets you closer to your goal. 

"An individual develops courage by doing courageous act" Aristotle.

Are you willing to take that challenge? Hope you are. However, Just in case for any reason, you cant take that giant leap yet, still do something scary. Seriously if you think you can't be too bold to do that thing scaring the sh** out of you, start small and build your 'courage' muscle. Do something that scares you even if little, compliment someone who isn't expecting it, call a friend you have been avoiding and apologize, etc.

"Fear is your friend," says Tim Ferriss in his TED talk. Fear is an indicator, it is an emotion, and just like all emotions, they are feedbacks. Sometimes it shows you what you shouldn't do. Usually, however, it shows you exactly what you should do.

So join my tribe and do one thing that scares you this week and continues after doing one thing that scares you each day. See you again next week Monday for another beautiful Monday Motivation.

What scares the sh** out of you? Share it in the comment section

Remember to come back and share what scary thing you did. 



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