Life Lessons

Reminiscing on a recent incident has helped me understand (in a practical sense) human and the way we operate. The difference between having experiences and information is like that of a human being and a robot. Both can have data to process information, but the latter do not have soulful senses: to listen; touch; smell or see. Meaning its senses are only useful for data collection while human senses not only collate data (by the brain) with these senses, they are also in-roads to the heart, and they have effects on the soul which make a distinct and unparalleled difference. 

Human bodily and spiritual composition are also full of life; the skin is not like plastic or metal or any other processed substances moulded to form the robot. The skin is organic; its cells undergo changes every moment relative to the environment and other factors. A robot can't grow or change beyond how it has been pre-moulded. This complexity in human makes them very delicate and unpredictable. The key to this misery is to first accept our limitations by acknowledging the creator behind this complexity. Most of the confusion we have today from micro to macro level is the removal of God from the equation (consciously or unconsciously); while trying to comprehend the things going on around us, we limit our judgement to the data before us. 

I was made to understand in a practical term what justice truly means relative to human. Consciously or unconsciously, we all know what it means to be fair and just. In our daily transactions, we do our best to make the best of choices and decisions. Often, we regret, sometimes we may luckily be satisfied with our actions and other times, the results are as expected. Another known fact is how our decisions do not match with others or are incomprehensible and insensate to them. This is because, at the time of processing the decision, the data before us are different, our world-view, cultural upbringings, the environment, body composition, transposition, personality (of how we respond to our social and ecosystem), emotions and many more attaching to us as long as we live and without the exception of our celestial composition. We act based on all of these things that accompany or constitute us and because such traits and organs come in varieties, in different condition and places. The mixtures produce different output. That is why what applies to person A will not exactly apply to person B and to all the billion human species. And when we speak about justice in human nature, it will be relative to those circumstances. This is why rules and laws are essential to unify the human system of living. And above it, every human needs a guide and guidance from those who are well informed, in other words, those who had passed through the experiences.  

Where there are no rules and laws, there will be "lawlessness", and when there are no guides or manual, people will mus-understand the rules and laws. Everyone will behave the way they feel and think it's okay, whether appropriate or not since appropriateness will be relative to everyone. So, there will be chaos, confusion and unresolved disagreements. Maybe we can trace the root of all chaos and confusion back to this concept. However, knowing all of these complexities does not guarantee you of giving excuses to every nook and crannies of human actions. Sometimes you have to speak up, do something to avoid viral evil based on your world-view and the natural order of creation. Maybe someone will listen to you, or the person you are directing your action to will understand it. Other times, you just need to watch and remain quiet. 

Another complexity is the fact that there is no standard as to how and when to act or not to act. However, the complexity of humans is simple if we make the designer the constant K in the equation and stop thinking based on the facts of data or information at our disposal. Be the human who knows his limits, be the human who follows the rules and laws, and know the God that knows it all, and you shall be guided.  

The end of the story will be Allah; All-knowing, All Just, the forever-living, the First without beginning, the Last without end, the only ONE devoid of need, He is incomprehensible. Glory be to Him, the Exalted One.



Date 4/18/2021


Date 4/18/2021


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